Did You Know With Intern Kevin 9-13-17

Wednesday, September 13th

Intern Kevin found facts on Google and is prepared to share them with everyone: 


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All. One thing I'm began to. I JOB. It's an engine blew up did the doesn't know. There is intern Kevin is bad good morning injuring Kevin Mardy every lie. How can analysts and G all of sunlight indeed I'm ready okay all right well. He asked for a little bit of time going through the Internet to find facts than I he hopes that you find entertaining entry Kevin what he got today. Dizzy now Safeway grocery stores once had a mandatory policy that employees had to smile make eye contact Quaid customers. But they canceled after too many male customers stop the female employees were hitting on math. So well at any kind of an old tape anything and the sign of attraction. The opposite of this. Is it a name and it talks to a woman and make eye contact with her. She automatically thinks he's up to something GAAP not angry and that's true I think that's true odd and. And me and talks to lament or make eye contact with her she is in the urine checked her and meg and my command and I had a producer anatomy and the talk fuel woman and looks pretty I'm gonna find no I don't really not there how. This has nothing to do with the check out people this does everything to do with walking past them. In and I feel like this week per stalker or something like a. Sue any time there is an employee at grocery store coming all like asks me if I need anything. It's because. They got an email that all that and we're not asking people what they do anything and that I never assume it's because I. I never assume that when I see. What I see up PL a personal or grocery story is safe do you need anything with a eye contact I don't just go. Two opinion that the grocery store back. Oh it's how would set you told of many years I mean do you. No no not (%expletive) that I did I mean eyes however like a bartender. If there is smiling making I. That is sadly depends on the job is as sat. Is this year like. All of that it'll bartender I'll get a note issue was the tips right attack. I mean but at bowling at a supermarket you don't tip you supermarket people now. You guys don't have everybody you walk past somebody who's sleeping on the island just go I think it appears the hour. All of my blade out no I don't do that really got me there article did you know if intern Kevin did you doubt Will Smith are in men and black was originally offered to Davis swimmer. But he turned it down. Well I'm David Schwimmer it's absolutely not. And we'll look and he had a than a wealth Mets I don't think sound Miller made for a very different than me David Schwimmer was Ross on friends. Do you watch friends know you want you know awareness island up in 1994. Bit which is about the time difference commit hours still alive and I want reruns now old Phoebe Monica. I did it really get into I want sturdy rock. Why is that relevant. It's not. I got to live with Dave you just her shell out there Hoffa apostles obsess. Aha these are not the same now I'm what it's like Brad okay house. I. Looks like tragedy I'll big bank the kind of like a dog have a really got into that you their wealth and this. A not important now browse through this what shows you like occasionally as I mean David Trimmer. He's your kind of guy you had a camera so really attractive guy sure. Oh yeah I saw and why why does it trio. Just like that look for some reason I like it got a little longer face big ears look. She loads it looks a little bit gangrene. I did not describe what her husband looked like you know. I'm now who am I mean Palin ship only. Insuring getting guide what TV show was Will Smith on before he was in the breast red Isabella OK you know and I did down I watched three arrived I saw the thieves on debit Carlton and meld shot with a lot like house. It really Newark up Mel White House. Lebanon and indeed related as trivial as the streets. Is yeah so go ahead how does the Sargent then the allow them bottom Reyes. Got to play throughout the west that must abide days till they're allowed send it back to school should it could devolve. My Grammer got mad with. Your rounds Delgado had some it's not a million Euro could say. Hilton yeah don't. Yet alone single play or how does I mean I know mob got scared she said the movie it would dongle fell adopting ballet. Manzi bill yeah.