Elk Grove Wrap Up.mp3

Friday, July 14th

The Wake Up Call wrap up their visit in Elk Grove by speaking with some of their younger fans:



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65 the end it's sunny all day today high of 97 it's. 44 Friday every 44 minutes today you're going to get secede cheesy. And we have actually on from Elk Grove I actually good morning. Hello super excited high gear and play it he had good to get yes be excited because you are caught a seventeen year go to. He's going to be at the golden one senator and I'll call a bottom and we forgot to mention this I'd be pictures of beyoncé in the twins have surfaced today I'll. Over socially it follows that and that when a 653 to see him. I we hope that today at least Ashley glass and we'll have the opportunity. To hopefully see beyoncé if she comes through Sacramento wait cheesy Ellis. To think she was on the fourth fourth or. I would bet that barely get to see DJ Khaled and they are both gorgeous yeah. Nolan had never got would you go. And kill so. Her sister's here I look I want everybody that it stopped by Elk Grove has has been a hotbed of listener activity and we appreciate all of them. At the very at that showed cabbies say hello. Well and I understand poultry. I did buy it yourself well spoken. I understand that you love dinosaurs right when you know what I love. My diamond's office. Let's talk dinosaurs. Would put your favorite what is your favorite. The grandkids Lauren are high because. And how long actually died a really long neck and at the top of the head you know it has the top of its head. It's nostrils. You know the top what other dinosaur do you like. GMAC yeah actual. Yes you don't what the full name is black turtle ran a source Rex. Did you know that he wasn't the biggest eater go. He's just got the best PR yeah I'm eating it's eating there there was there are there're all I don't there's the Alice Lawrence. There's also. I think there's one called it gigantic sword now like big sell them. A live harness the worst look powerline yeah. Here's surge he's got to the ninety what's your name. If god microphone Boris tell your very Smart despite wearing a shirt that says I heart injury okay yeah. Here's your have a picture of Kevin. And this is not the first time we've seen me let me assure you I am how does your what your parents feel about that. And my lungs of a man on. And I'm okay I think she actually made this year. Larry or how. I'm sure she doesn't mind. Are you using a bad idea was a magma and I thought about it via a ball actually kept X and kidneys a. I need to I love you got. Hello do you think it's funny and yeah. Any solid look like him like real famous people like that do you think that blaze actually game. Yes this may saving me music I see her. Colonel Larry wow OK okay and what's what are your favorite movies. And descendants. Okay. I bet you didn't pick up but if you. I am and sing descendant solid I'm here now. Your favorite villains child. Now I'm Ali Abdullah or that that camera and yeah yeah I had a boy that's an all out and play it was a cruise her mom. Leavitt saying yeah. I know I well I think pending deal. I thought enough of her head it's not a concert nonstop for. She came out of touch people out there today that some. Alone. But the bar has been ready if early next. Friday were taken the show back on the road we're gonna be at the McDonald's in full some on in the it's up on iron point road so we digital broadcast sitting at 530 next Friday in Folsom selfless and false and you gonna step but I. And three to bring me why I don't know I you know I probably wouldn't do it yeah. Got funny lines and you know you don't like it if I don't carry around and thought courts. I think actually I believe that idealize the fifth I believe that might be I. I'm all right we'll take you I'll go up for letting us be a part of your day today Al we are the wake up call back on my they have a great day. The only goes all one big idea and.