Gavin Goes to Tower Bridge Dinner

Tuesday, September 12th

Gavin has to tell Katie he gets invited to go to the Tower Bridge Dinner 


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165 the end to get into into Meehan said he is something very important to say it's almost like sharing a secret it is secretly Katie needs to absolutely now. I need feel uncomfortable or don't you know what it is thought OK well. Something you think heating from me yes he knows that and that I am scared to tell you. Do. But I have to tell you because you're about to find out anyway. What is one of Sacramento's. Biggest. Events. That you and I have always said we should what we should go to that how can we don't get to go to that. He voted to eat on the reds. And yeah. You know sold. Wait if she gets violent you have to you can help out not all all refereed us is the territory fourth is the formed a pork. Dinner at tower bridge and we you I've always wanted to go we've always wanted to go okay. Well in Sacramento magazine the formed a four people ask us every once in awhile to like show up. And on dual picture yeah I know they think third they did ask you for yeah. All I was there way air when I was at the downtown. Cesar Chavez park. I'll farmers' market you are junior issued for them to do my shoot for them we he just had so much on one knee and all the form before people. And it's so much fun and they were they where it ain't so much about soccer man oh chefs and registry. Yeah you know a lot. Earlier keyboard and yeah now hey Dick you're headed to him and he didn't do what I told how long you lived in Sacramento all that didn't come out OK did you tell I've lived here my entire life. I am now. Committed to Sacramento aren't important so much so I I eight was forty yeah it'll never Lee did you down. So they invited me. And I'm about to leave fork after the show. To a special immediate tasting where all the shots are gonna be there there little horses and the bats today. And it but it was just me it was just an invite for me. You just tonight he'll be Jews saw every night that's ending all I did you get an idea what they say. Is it now. I don't know I don't know I didn't bother to push them at that point. Informed of four people. I can't undertake but after you've got to fort to pick with bam thank you I mean to say. Gary. Not a brain and are you also having dinner on the branch. Probably. Whitfield. Are farmed for people that worked for this company represented. This company. Why why why would you wanna go without me. It doesn't seem right it doesn't seem right and I agree. All. I know I do not tell I don't know what kids do somebody a form of the for not try to tell you why. For reasons I mentioned before but all show we play man or is planned to take our yeah. We did. Did you ask if I could do the bring children the bring such. And look me. Daddy usually gonna fade out and let the patient do you see it's right here I don't wanna. Okay I'm looking and I am lucky I'd stop turning your back to me now did you tell them I can't tell. But I tell you that I tell them no you did tell you kick. Now no I said I can't wait until I said I can't wait. Now what are you looking at me. I have yeah I do not have a dog in this fight. You heard me right now can it McNeill I would Mac ten. Okay and say you be happy quote unquote best friend Gavin. I mean. That I can with human feces. And they are being hard it's really look like to talk show. It really can continue to misplaced early when Lehman game probably. It's a charity event you buyer weigh in yesterday now. Her. This just you know it's one shot from the chase after another so we'll help you have a great time things aren't loyal about it don't tell me only to turn it sinks into the back for you. I don't why even go 000 see Anderson's intense you. And and save all it's all right and I theater. You know what I want try that because I really wanna go but I am sorry I hope you all I have a couple of putts I'm not happen. Well now that I'm sorry and that I apologize. Feeling here's saying I can't right now are you really sorry yes. Why it. Is it doesn't sound like oh I thought you said I love you when you go with my blessing that's a tough and Canada it is. Ray didn't get shot I thought no you wake up call.