Intern Kevin's Plan To Save

Wednesday, September 13th

iPhone X has been announced and Intern Kevin has the biggest FOMO, we go over how he can save enough money to afford it:


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Still wake up call. 065 PM big day yesterday on news happened yesterday that's right Mike is now other started the out of the hurricane. There's a whole bunch of political news the key and I yesterday. But the biggest news of all. IPhone acts. Oh we yeah. There is no long awaited pornography I found it tough let me. Just don't understand him as you know hold your phone at noon and you look at that look at Aaron unlocks. Okay is how can you tell the difference between me. When I'm not wearing make up. I mean fantastic question seriously answer probably goes off the bone structure funny answer is we can't have. Yeah. Intersect in somebody's seen. All like that. That means in seven that popped up yesterday of like. Guys are going to be sleeping with the phone underneath their pillow afraid they're girls are gonna pull it out and put in front of their face mother sleeping I. And might have cost in the hole and I'll. Yeah that probably probably work the out your dad your eyes open and that you get out well not all about that this. As they get excited the iPhone Max also has a mode she's that you control with your face right. Apple's calling them and remote Jesus they moved OK let's 3-D camera is super charged for apps like snapped chat. They improved the front facing camera. Infinitely somehow and it features some thing dead Samsung's been used for awhile called oh well the which is likened vivid and the most vivid color you can get off of off of screened. 8000. Dollars per alike. A mode she's moved here pray thousand dollars for the basic big conversion rights it's actually almost no 100 dollars and for the haven't Yemeni big one it's 999 dollars 999 dollars okay. It's funny you say that because when the it was announced king of the fall mile happened alone that's why your here tech. I thought the. All of us I need is falling and I can't afford it with a bunch of like super prehistoric crying on the energies that don't move I want to MOG of course I actually found a list should stop leaving stuff laying around. I've got a list of stuff that Kevin is going to cut out of his budget I'll so that he can report which way very grown up yeah I like me. Well well I met I guarantee like Manny peddy is found that less it's not what I need my money and we had now now now UK right. None. Fired first thing on Kevin's list. Don't eat out or even not eat with the puck lose weight and stay low and lose when you win. And I'm telling him all over. Super unhealthy about lag cancel my subscriptions. I house Spotify apple music tied all I have Craig you arrive Hulu I have Netflix I have cost five CM club I have counts that stadium's club and Sam's Club okay. Okay wait a minute what you need title Spotify. And apple needs to explore different music releases on different platforms pat pat forms plaque. Arms and what is crunch year old Charlotte that is anime web site I'm. They have that ultra eight steamers in the enemy who belong what do you do event he. You watch anime a little you've absolutely never had sex okay. I don't know I haven't while it was playing. Helio is my favorite line it says stop goalie felt bad does that cross doubts. And it's his go out lacks. Okay last one on here is a hobby that I didn't know Kevin had stopped buying jams. Laid hey you might. Yeah I. Like war truth Jim guy. Yeah. No better person now jams are like my on clay. I'll I'll. And Jim. Q I. And and. And that's why you should check out not a gay and Kevin how much do you spend on jams for clashing klan's not that much a month have been touched ideas Mary DOK okay Unita is in question I don't want it there let's see it let's see answered 100 all life. Dollars a much. Okay aliens are right sometimes the touch or be accidentally buying oh my. I don't know I don't know. Brought them here I know until I because the one and you black. Helen GeMS and you cold apple see those men. Little Hewitt is playing there. You about the lake oh my unit and they read did you hold legend not true apple not shoot out well mr. Obama. I'm fairly sure how this and they're gonna be happy then that's your excuse that's gonna be gone when facial recognition for the iPhone ads buys your jam mobile my man you. Life praise for it and know. Still wake up call.