Jeopardy Question vs Katie

Thursday, April 20th

There is a clip that has gone viral of a guy on Jeopardy. The category was something called "3+3" and each answer has two words and three letters. Jason challenges Katie to try and guess the answer because she is confused about the category:


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It's no wake up call six saves gas. 016 I was yes. Strangely gone viral today and yet and I think I played for you off here you feel the same way I feel that Iran and yet they really go light a fire yeah okay so it's a guy in jeopardy and Katie B category. And today was something called three plus three such thing and narrowly answer to three letters three letters OK so they give you clue and like for example and see if you can figures went out and Jamie back to you. Good policy for too. I hired killer. The answer would be a lead Harvey Oswald no three in three like three. I held on. If they nightingale I was viral but I got a question so three plus three salad. That's the theory they come up with clever. Orders with three letters you don't need to write down numbers two words. Oh my god and does each. Do you arts. Jamie back to. The poster for cheap. I hired killer. Jason she hung up on the question she's hung up on the categorically example is. Plus three that's just a clever title that they gave the count days so it's the only words. Words with three letters in each word. It's two words in the two words yeah indeed think and I feel like one for your present one word 13 represents yet we're suddenly six letters altogether. Mean over the course of how many words a Tim correct. Got it. Okay you get Jamie back to you. You must see for two. I hired killer. Yeah. Okay how. That's 33. Litters and three letters. Are you know this is this is not why this went viral now it's not like you really can't because people couldn't figure out the category. Is it like it. Now there are actual words. I don't look at text for second text and I did that maybe this is confusing their own text and you know the answers Guzman replant trees it's two words through letters each got daddy. I don't know I. Taylor just entered into another dividend may person. And to kill it's two words two words two words the and she would also say hi Joseph. Yes it three or any well okay put another way of saying I could kill I am ahead I think before we start. Austin isn't another way to say hi you're killer. Yes and ruined by the way is new to an entity all have a right okay so here here yeah three mostly for chief hired killer before you answer. We can't let the guys that won and we can get reduced to think about to Hamilton and not why this Myra I mean the idea. Let's I didn't even bigger for final day we as the hardest glanced into the hall lights everywhere every listening gets into a human. Every text message that night. Our. Two. I know good at L words aren't freeloaders beach where my. The witness they are hired killer I learned to examine how I tell outlets that are here of the gas yeah. We work it. And here's the years they got the answer. Very closely for you hired killer Kevin. Hot on top hot he's hot guy. His top. Top gun. Immediately immediate ours so he says hot you're hot. I never heard the and that's not right yet the teller know. And then he goes announced by the zen. Any anybody's mind blown inquiry to whine. Jamie was hidden in the home. The only way to go to call what. Think I'm the end.