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Friday, June 16th

The Wake Up Call discusses the upcoming fight:


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It's always good car. 065 the end vitamins are commendable a year and a half I didn't realize how big of an enemy USC he. Background history. Pat Sheehan follow lean on that had a until I moved here neither. Are my guy and does that ever. And this holy cow this whole town on the whole it's crazy it's just men either there's women that really get into this really it's not a and then all of the even slightly people of Sacramento well bludgeon people beach other out and I think you're having your right Faber is kind of like these. A poster child of an MA which is super cool it's always cool to have like that hometown hero rank if you miss the story. They just announced that Floyd Mayweather coming out of retirement. A boxer proud of the greatest boxes in the last twenty years police fighting potter McGregor in the thus far. Century. Run biggest error a boxer vs an MMA fighter pump. Which mean it's weird. But like a boxing match OK sin they you like this stuff right I mean not intuit intuit it's it's like one of those big push the flight on Saturday. I'm sure I guess I forgot there was a 58 so fortunate where your house to them about it I realize that it's not. Big everywhere I mean it's big it's big and and I think it's way bigger now than a winds but it's not like this like like all the girls love it just imagine all the boys love it I get 90% of the town loves it like. I'm not really I mean it's it's a big irbe but he still not huge a bigger than football but I would say like MMA fights are bigger than football here here's a Dana light from the USC. Number right now by the media I believe got a good look at what. How the power means for Scott it really is probably the best fighter in the world I am married and what is the best thought. And I told. I don't quite the white always sounded like he snorted his prewar count that morning I'm not Clinton. It now well I think you with Skyping during an interview he's not a robot OK it's all early is just is like. Two camps even let me just ask tomorrow partially heat near where I parked my card. Or you park your doctor about an hour so. I don't get a medal I don't enjoy these kind of things is this kind of like when people are alike dude what would it be like if a bear could fight with tiger. Thinks apple holidays I sell just. You have two guys that hit two different fighting styles I mean intern Kevin would say that Ian he's well black belt in Taekwondo a one though. But refers not to mixes martial art right right I was just Taekwondo a right this is like when rocky fought Hulk Hogan in rocky three yeah okay I exited and not for charity for children this is just the line McGregor in May whether pocket. And and just understanding this right McGregor. And MLE. Heat can kick and punch and brow and all those things and I love to do all that in the USC you know this fight so how. The only way and so he's paid like a hole most of the things that you uses to whenever I think we may still. And then you he could use all of your ingredients. And how you jest. Get to use bra off and you're going up against the broth master of the world asks the man yeah. Well why anyone watch this again remaking it because Floyd Mayweather was retired he's coming out. Out of retirement right he's like 49 years old our old Ian I don't know it. Her old guy and was 49 every day every great but it's one of those things are you have a boxer verses that MMA fighter which like all. Palm there's going to be the crap out of each other and it's still so I guess something to do on a Saturday night I don't know I mean though there's so much hype on this. If it was hard to open in the Internet and not see it up there because I can push alerts on my thought for it may weather's getting hit between 20300. Million dollars for this one fights. In McGregor is gonna get a hundred mil. Prize should not Mormon MMA guy meets him is this go back and hold d.s bag being. All I did strain in his baby yeah. I may ET you Landon enjoys such that they I don't enjoy it. I don't think my friend that just happens my friends are watching it it's like OK I guess loosening up you like collateralized broke friends lot of flat brimmed hats amongst your friends I mean it it's so flat it's like this a pair. I. Extra in the wake up call.