Name That Tune 9-12-17

Tuesday, September 12th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" for tickets to see Trans-Siberia Orchestra:


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Jana and Donovan corner. Thank you and thank you number one. Special edition it's come home. Overall. Honolulu. Oh. Good man. Whose love and good. And I yeah especially at Christmas. It is in now we have a very you. He trans Siberian orchestra Friday night December 1 to be called one senator you can get you tickets at Ticketmaster dot com I said Gavin as is recorder. Julliard trained often keeps it in his backpack all the time for moments precisely like this because you never know you never know. You just have to correctly guess the song again and is playing on this reporter. You get tickets and CSF you know how many bytes are broken but this reporter Ayman. Three. Met her you are more money Elam. He did use it as a weapon or or are you then you would just play yet to once a weapon at two times. Suit with song here OK let's unsupported and one was rocked by baby. And the other one was we are family. Yeah it. I'd never Eddie Gavin on the corners and that Tim. Perhaps I need to preface this by saying I did not practice that's a whole lot they discovered a first look I'm OK so but the other thing. Weekend. You've got to. Let's stop when we normally play this contest it usually is so popular songs you hear a split among those Italians. Justin Bieber songs Calvin Harris songs Taylor swift's songs Gavin has no issue with snow but then so we got some quality standards. Can't. Into. Yeah we OK okay bunny I'm fine I just let them embarrass. Well I'll be okay it was a busy day and time to practice. That's happy and are hardly people can get it 766106. Levels that would be April and Roosevelt hi April the morning. I get morning Ariel Geico which I guess a Gavin on the recorder. Prompted a snowman plus. Feeling in the first earns inning and now often and it flew off. I had. All this talk feels weird and making I aimed at making. Yeah yeah this is just isn't so. This idea that way. It's that I wasn't ready born. April all right congratulations we got appeared to get treated C trans Siberian orchestra it's Friday night December 1 at the gold ones that are waiting now. Do you know. Next on the wake up call.