Name That Tune 9-13-17

Wednesday, September 13th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" to give away tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra:


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Second time again. Yeah man on a quarter. I didn't. Give some people go end. It's our special Christmas edition. I'm DeVon on the recorder we have. Tickets to see trans Siberian orchestra Friday December 1 at the golden one Saturn it's all weeklong Gavin has brushed off. Big Christmas songs from his quarter. Consumer especially back when I was in school we had that like six week period where it's like hey we have the big Christmas concert guys who got to learn all of our Christmas songs. It's probably did a little minute since a little bit at times has your training from julliard on the Christmas songs right. What what's so funny. He's just. Done. And a I sell I Gavin guiding a year and get your lips ready ready to go yes. I 7661065. If you can identify. The song Gavin is playing on his for a quarter. Ready. As well everybody noted grab your tissue is because this is a good one. It's special. And beautiful is that going to be a like is gonna make emotionally. Attached. There is. A a. You don't. Usually adding your arise in the big blow them at some point. And. Okay. The news. No I'll game they. And that as good. Was something that no win an entirely too long this period yeah yeah oh and you paid all at the I don't. Bars and home borrowed I NG is on from servers say good morning in G. And what song is Gavin playing on the quarter. It doesn't. You know sometimes they could and thought about it Brad being banned from the doom. Joseph I know while this sounds nice and French. I and. Well the girl imagine. What it's a dream. Our little better on this one. And mix gonna bring a little big thing. Gore. Yeah and so yeah and it. Well I don't think you during those those times I got it. Strains. It's John Good Friday December 1 of the golden one senator you're gonna go congratulations. I don't. You go call.