Netflix Cheating

Friday, February 17th

Apparently, 50 percent of all married couples secretly watch a show without their partner knowing. Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about if they “Netflix Cheat” on their significant others:


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1065 the end it's a way to guards Jason Gavin and tedious those early in the day. And it's about cheating and it's about television cheating 50% of all couples apparently Netflix chief and each other so one headline which I think was they were exaggerating. Is it it's the biggest sand the biggest marital sent housing I'll. Let's say probably just is that I think I wouldn't think of others yeah. You know murder murder right ad that didn't make the list apparently I was at whatever but it 50% of all couples Netflix cheating in they entered an ethics unitary this is when you have a show you watch is a couple. One person. Is an army like you know and I'm gonna ask are watching ahead. Simeon Netflix says it could be these aren't you're sure gangrene and they they did you release it on Netflix put the south of downtown there what ever been it was used in Europe and I think nobody got your shell and the person watches and had a view that's considered cheating and apparently this is splitting people apart. I listen I it has caused problems in our relationship but I do it and I do it probably because you. I do all the time in my life because here's the bottom line and I. I give her Uday and limit. Let's say gala thrown airs Sunday night not okay so game thrown airs. Obviously we don't watch it it's on 9 o'clock at night and word word yeah then Jesus yeah. So. Monday rolls around. OK Stacey let's eat dinner but the boys to bed let's watch game thrown K. She we'd we'd come up with these great big plans okay and what happens either she falls asleep laying in bed with one of bomb or or or something like batters she just as I can I'm too tired and I like god. Okay one night down pat or more shot Iwo more shots they wound. Tuesday let's let's let's do it again in stride again keep your eyes open what I didn't give you can't beat. He she falls asleep again guess what I do Wednesday when I come home from work when the house is empty. I at being watched game of throw actually say things like you've got more chance. Sure the rules but I tell them now I don't what she's yeah she's a lucky won't she really and I go I go when she comes home I got to urge you log triggered. If crowds well yeah her she gets mad but then I say all want to begin with you you want. He sees. Hi will cheat on my husband and watch your show that we need generally watch together but they just don't tell him. And talk actor I've really watched it with him. I tell Matt the and so so so we work with a little jewelry. Yeah I'll look it's not because honest. Without working out for young I mean it's fantastic. And I. A lot different now. Does she. Had. Yeah but at least she's not that she's now living in ignorance and deception like your husband yeah all be okay. Ignorance is there's to match situation is entered re watch everything right I mean I'd sis I. I three washing stuff whereas had a lucky we both say we don't mind not. Hot stuff yeah I don't know wife hates to watch something with me it's you know as I've already seen it because she thinks. And I and I don't know why. But she thinks that if she wants is something that I've already seen I'm not looking at the TV screen while we watch it I'm looking her with a big smile on my face when the whole life. I'm. Why no idea of me. Do I believe for me I love watching shows in my life even event if I have seen that rarely happens but light. If I'm watching with our loved watching her reactions I get that I care and OK I do care so for me is. Your eyes she's not and it never in my wife has her senate shows she watches and my solutions so we have so few shows and we likely due time we want him together. So again why that can't tell you what I think is happening right. Might even when he home I mean really your wife is always home when your home because his stay at home. Where the reverse is not true she has several hours in the day with out even they are Burton. Oh yeah extreme intense now screen 24 hours a day. And here all your son your your son goes to daycare two days a week since she is very maybe three days a week I'll tell him. Perhaps days in the morning to you. Think your wife is cheating on you with your combined shows don't you are all a year of fall Chan is she has what name one name one combined show. You guys among we watch a lot of lame is a dealers are as bank financing gonna show you may finally let me play Howard TC yes I you know I'm Ian and BI he doesn't stoop America's Got Talent now yes and she's. Again CIS and say oh. And what are what are you likely to show you like oh god and I star realized campgrounds lucky. C medically treated well now you watch those things like diving in Santa Clara and if he would throw his of the galaxy and he can't just make up stuff and and say I'm not stupid that sounds good. It good when you get. I just think if you two are no. That's up. So let's. Here's here's the bottom line comic genius yes like your wife is cheating on you with those shows absolutely without question. And then she do what I did he's just keep minute to herself her final divorce. Let me happy and marry he. You real wound up if somebody like knows something is coming up finish well that's your career have to like the idea of a spoiler. That's true that's what I'm Jason got very upset me because I told him that I show that we are both watching had a great episode. And he was Maria it's sad my mental bar way too huh. Exactly but and I think that is the character flaw what I'm saying you are bringing about because your wife knows that because she knows you really well since she's never gonna tell you that she's watching these shows that cracks you know your wife is probably like all women of great liar so you guys are Shanghai. If you had your to be believed right now as we are on the radio in my life is at home bang. Out episode. 065 PM.