People Shoot at Hurricane

Tuesday, September 12th

The Wake Up Call discuss about a Facebook event calling the people of the Florida to shoot their weapons at Hurricane Irma to make it turn the other way; 


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65 the end listen our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody involved in hurting hermit down in Florida a lot of times we brits on Florida a lot on this radio show and not enough factually it's probably not enough is the only way they get a free pass right. Until now I'll know I'll I mean now that it's kind. Blown through everyone's kind of everything's okay everyone's buying the at least we hope Florida you did it again. This is what I like to call Florida coming I have to ask you to stop. Another Latin. Florida police have warned people all. Not to fire at their web bins at a hurricane Irma after thousands responded to a FaceBook events all White House sold wasn't like they preemptively is bad leg. Hanging. We know there's a chance as I got to try to walk bike says they not so and people had to play and to do that what was the event. Apparently someone maybe FaceBook events that instead of eight do you shoot your weapons at Irma. It'll make the hurricane turn around and go the other way pump. So the sheriff's office had to tweet late on Saturday to clarify if not she weapons at hash tag Erma you won't make it turn around it'll have some dangerous side effects the immense description said let's show Irma that we shoot first. I'll boy. This is in Florida about what. Uniquely floor ready no. Is an American thing to deal. I'm not gonna put this on Florida I know you want me to do that this is America okay please up saying the only thing that would have made this worse is if we also know where flinging not Cho cheese data and wearing red white and blue board shorts or something like that Ryan Edwards who created the FaceBook events told the BBC earlier this week that he had not easy he had not expected anyone to dig the event serious. They're all could not put in some hillbilly go. You know what that's a good idea quote a culmination of stress and boredom made me start this immense. The response is a complete and total surprise to me it shouldn't be yeah. My god what it has become something a little out of my control of course people actually. Are people. Like you believe people saw this on FaceBook gripe about away. Over 50000 people expressed interest in taking part in this Jesus my god and how many people actually do we know mommy go actually took part by firing their bullets Intel. C event happening at this is for Saturday otherwise and so that's why these sheriff's department in is it cab pass go off passcode canning. Had to tweet out do not fire any weapons into the hurricane you would think that this would be common sense one on one. Comments part would be that no you can't didn't back. I guess yeah. But I ain't shooting at you turnaround because them. There are times in this country where I am thoroughly embarrassed of it. Like the fact the bad news story came from the BBC. Which you and I don't know if that's England yeah he's just it makes you have put a coat over my head and leave the party. Yeah so here's one that I like that I side cemented posted his picture up on it now FaceBook. So when it made a FaceBook event for September 9. And it says. Everybody point their fans at their turn came to block a. That's actually funny I got a good laugh that it didn't like guy yeah well they're going to probably be Bebo a little like guys turn also later. Boy you. East we must put Herman the other direction OK I saw that and did not understand the relevance its hate it there's a lot of it sarcasm yeah I didn't get the relevant than it because I hadn't even beat. Let suited her. And you need to see that it's this kind of funny to say like eight guys that we'll turn our fans on a blow the hurricane away because that wouldn't do when he's saying. And I and I doubt that somebody actually did that but then somebody Dade and also sarcastic post saying let's shoot our guns that it scared away. And down masses were like yeah more finally what people like that seriously even need the the hands of fans are got to do anything about it right dug well yeah. I'm people supposed to be evacuating. I I have a feeling that if somebody isn't the kind of person that would think that a vice shooter hurricane it's gonna leave my property. They're not also Smart enough to evacuate yet have they definitely think that they didn't shoot a lot of stuff away sure water. Water. Flooding no job out. And a fixed idea and.