Pitbull or Member of the Wake Up Call

Monday, March 20th

The Wake Up Call play a game where you have to decide if facts are about a member of the Wake Up Call or about Pitbull for tickets to see his show:


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I'd sound a wake up call one 65. The end Jason Gavin TD we have intern Kevin and that we have these tickets for pit bull Enrique. And all you have to do is correctly identify where we'll who these five statements are about a mention the first one as a Guinea. We'll see you all fine right in a row without screwing up some Oscars upper struck back at the beginning yes I attempt at a crazy this is easy we always say that and always frustrates us yet pay attention to sell I Claudia. Good morning. 55. It's like getting a 530 number one. Is playing with Enrique at the golden ones that are on Thursday June 8 is it papal Jason Gavin Katie you're in turn kept. Oh my god that is correct and how I really saying all right. A number two this weekend cook day corned beef for 48 hours. It. That's okay just taking guys in semi event. You Jason which one of us hasn't a life that requires such a rich and people chasing you having Katie intern cabinet painful. Well that's good you got that correct yeah yeah artists are right next it's gonna get harder. And tank was a medal winning swimmer before the age of ten despite being a chubby kid decent line and only gotten. All I mean social. Used by the chubby kid Dreier I seven's never been good and anything I next we have curry from sag curbing. OAR and so is playing with a three get a gold once or Thursday June 8. That is right number two this weekend took the corn beef for 48 hours. That has decent cracked was a medal winning swimmer before the age of ten despite being chubby kid. Gavin yes that's right are correct to mourn you got these tickets was once detained after being caught trespassing on a shopping mall roof. It. And the last one ran for student body secretary in high school junior and senior year and lost both times. I. Easy it is America you have a kid that you okay how you got tickets. For for people Enrique live with layered tickets on sale Friday at 10 AM start and the show is on June 8 Thursday gold once and said congratulations. I'm all of these stories and you're probably most instant hearing about climate accord be for 48 hours and must have for that man IQ I can't wait until later reality show. Inside sounds like you know applauding and decent does regular staff Hulk really. Yeah she didn't like the title pea dry. It's ranking second worst. I need therapy and this is why he's saying. All of until I. One just inside the end.