Put the WUC On Your Marquee

Monday, March 20th

All of the advertising that let people know that The End moved to 106.5 is starting to disappear and the Wake Up Call fears that not everyone has heard the news yet. So the Wake Up Call asked local businesses with marquees to put the message up on their business marquee:


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I want to thank you. Over the past month because there's so much. We proved plus thank everyone. For finding us and moving over with us 21065. Bushels probably not easy because not everybody knew we had such a short period of time I. I am most of which had that happen through you guys with word of mouth. We have some sort of billboards. We have. Well I'm billboard no we have formed billboard that you were gone are the they're mostly gone and we had technically we had a billboard and they would vote for five seconds that. And by the way the only reason why we had those because we bitch about it. I didn't bid pretty did you read it here. Yeah bitch about it. At first they gave us too old days. It's notice that we removing and then said but but but guys. No budget for advertise great sorrow that happened that being said yeah that's an upside now what we can right back down to a well. I what we should have done and we how we can do right now if you wanna experiment here and just they were thrown out there you know how like you what is a place for an eighty demo with the big SP will Scania. Oh yeah they get the little Markey a parents say hey mini golf for come join us for church on Sunday and also some Ab if we can convince a place like batter anyone's zillow. I know there. It's not happy with my art he digital marquis heard. But my dad's wake up call now and I want those six and Yang way to cause no 165 related Balmuth find anyone like you. You all business as we get below 32 commercial now I don't are now. I don't know we're allowed to do that I Aires and it sounds that's not talk about like we would like produced one. May mean he. It really make a bit single or Regis like did you. And did you wake up call now 1165. I don't use those media act. Tat has Korea even email and picture I met obviously we need need proof. And keeping America we can't just take people's word for email a picture to W use seat for wake up call and online dot com. Don't we eat out did they tell us that there isn't there is barely know like that you are and are you the mood. Firm earned tracts. What the registry should get used even throw our full endorsement behind it like well they. Could have shot rotisserie chicken fat today. You're in charge of the original judge rotisserie chicken known for the largest marquis in the Sacramento area. It can chuck throws. A call now long 1065. The end if they he would he does that for free. Not only will we talk about chuck rotisserie chicken but I'll say hi I'm god and wake up call. And it. Oh my rotisserie chicken egg not just rotisserie. Spinning kick him chick and eat it shocks rotisserie check. And here's what's gonna happen now can they went and had a aren't we just talked on says he's not promising commercial OK Larry I mean you can't take it back it's it's C announces that. Hello there so we're gonna get called an office that are going did you promise free advertising yeah yeah I get for people who. Who have march he's all say will say yes or no say how dare you who gave you that authorization when their mobile say is the people however value. Remember stuff falls flat if nobody steps to help people grammar yeah. So if. We can't just screamed. Well and there's though to keep all. So can we get a pledge from one person is we start with wine and like a domino effect could potentially take over and it's a constant tell us yeah I guess so I tell us if you can do that I don't know if you control of business or just. On the marquee or have you could put something up like maybe if you work at a place that the mammal thing but national we'll never find out the plate. Apple put enough people in trouble no I'm I'm getting people in trouble idea. The X six what is six my admit even the first person to dig it up one of the people all pledge. So it's for the tie. Okay only got I think we have our first person yeah exciting our guys you lean a year Leno you have a marquee what's the business called. As I don't like that that I. It at all I'm not ready. And are you willing to put. But wakeup call now on 165. Yeah and you have the latter's. And the power did you send out corporate it. We're just taking your words were right now but. Trust start on day one when you could take a picture and email it to weigh did W you'd see at and online dot com. Also probably really let's say put it on your social media and hand as the other way then well this is free advertisement rolling your away. Remember if anyone says how did you get this promise of free advertising you're telling Katie from the wakeup call. It's still wake up call. CN.