Tell Us Something Good 06-16-17.mp3

Friday, June 16th

With all the awful and negative things happening in the world, the Wake Up Call thought it would be nice to hear about the good things happening in people's lives. Listen to people call up and share something good that has happened to them recently:



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Indiana's right time to play RAI gorge and into our new feature this is called tell us something good damn this a does that every time. Arnold I Harold Farrow and here's a good assorted bad news in the world we wanna know that some good news if you got some good news going on in your life called a show right now 7661065. This is I have a couple of bi national news tourism and assures us some good news a volunteer in Phoenix Arizona was shocked. When he saw a man crawling on all fours in the middle of the street. Turns out to the Meehan was a war if you are. Then turns out the man was homeless in after he had an argument at his last residence he left the house in only his socks. He had been walking on hot 150 degree asphalt. Of on the streets for hours to the point where he could know we the only way he could walk was on all force. A volunteer. Went to his car and gave them in an extra pair of shoes and a model water. That's a great. So he was Larry and he was naked and only inside and out he had like I'm ranked no issues photo you know we've all been there yet apply. No kind of Orange socks. I'll I see in the house I kick people out one strategy because I know you leave because there are a lot of that so it's pretty. I'm Colombian garbage man created a free library after he collected over 20000 books from the trash. You don't is a free library. I guess it now it's as if you're. This is nothing good news NN. And I got good news libraries. Hey every reminisce house's overflowing its books which he opens to community children on weekends. He has started shipping books to other pork parts of Columbia there rehab. A dozen. Say something and I know that this is tell me something like this against me were supposed to be positive right now. In May and tells we have got a lot of books of my house come in kids come many bring your Motley yeah. They needed that out when I here's actually a story from Sacramento a family from British Columbia. Drove sixteen hours to the front street animal shelter. After hearing at the shelter was full we we talked about the story that we see their prime big listeners we are numbers of British Columbia are huge. Hi. Front street profiled a dog named Joyce who had been living at the shelter for two months on the FaceBook. I thought we is that all animals move between them dirty captain. The family loaded up the car and drove straight here to Sacramento to forestry animal shelter Timmy. I seriously okay now and by the way no adoption fees during the month did you net front treating an initial period it's when the chicken out I. No this isn't important that bit the port. And be positive and we won't be able to call up I probably won't crap on your news review and if you call up and tell us something good. This particular story though. Isn't troubling. That unfairly. Would be a light snow and hold them for about this than they go. I we've got to get joys the log. Shelter. In northern California. But nothing that's sixteen our people worried there's no time we wanna play against third. Yeah. I want to bomb buried long drive he can also go to sixty hours to think about it. So with the polls to leave the house I'm sure that once they got six hours and they go what were six hours once ten more to go. Bring you see that we hard to be blunt they're not do you think they they. We know all we can do is I dreamed of crap on it. It's not a reason that crap on it I mean here's good news for me thanks then rain is really hot welcome to the shell out big yeah appreciate that laugh at more vital life I. I am here to meet you look at it I guess you could really get to I don't listen Amy's may now waiting on hold Amy tell us some good news. So for twenty years I had then I in my head and to get a puppy. And he's finally seeing him. And we pick up our set than a week old French bulldogs next Saturday. And Terry Kent and all I hear it's so bad girl. Is. Use. An error that's so Sweeney what are your name that. Organic Turkey club my good friends notes you know like they men and women's Bob. Nice to congratulations nice job hugs I Jessica why doesn't get. Any. So locked the last Biden I hate it I'm not but I got in that actually get all our rat and. They actually get to go to orientation the all my information equals that. And so he could all of you know the best part about next preschooler is you can see it all comes amid so transparent yeah. I ate well. And we finally got a million. I'm Rebecca tell us something bad. I am I it was that they out. Mainly in your anniversary what had been. She needed ten years or you're almost done. Now. On Mon I learned your lesson and is dated Johnny entirely different direction because of Gannon had nice job and thanks to do and it's oh yeah. I'm the only one who did this I am this. What's next on the wake up call.