Unicorn Frappuccino

Wednesday, April 19th

The Wake Up Call tried the newest drink from Starbucks called "The Unicorn Frappuccino":



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All. And a big idea. CNN I'm having now survived because I knew nothing about this and I know that we have treats on the lack. It's what ever laced talking about today is the Starbucks unicorn fraph but she now it's only today through the 23 and it's not every store. But most stores most of our box it's a what's it called the strength it's called the unicorn traffic chino you wanna know its first dirty just went to try and we have or here I don't know I doubt I wanna try and look see many talents and it. It looks. I think baseball the movie trolls. Yeah I'd say you know how the whole premise of trolls is actually kind of dark where the Birkins eat controlled gas. This looks like blend to control it totally does is it looks like something every little girl. Would want every little girl it's Lisa frank binder in a hot. Intern and you just went out to order these there was anyone shots and oh my god look this guy's ordering these drinkers legislate they get him. No as a given attack I don't know all of the right answer acts I don't know you. And be a little bit I'm sorry I sell I don't know what this is supposed to be I wanna. I cannot tell you my best Mal I don't think I'm gonna like it because it doesn't smell like symbols like it smelled some limiting coffee drink out of cotton candy. You would like if you would like to see Peja opening governor social media now he also text unicorn. You spell at 73 and a good thing and and the car if you and I. You know are all right is 73389. Tyson generates may all right so. She Hariri out all right so where there if you want it to her now and qualitative first 123. Lol well is known now you know it's bell into its code you know it's like. They let this is like just imagine like you brought pro imagine. Imagine. A high end beverages fraph which you know a travertine and I drunken college college campus and hooked up with a slightly. Carl can you made a blended drink and children's cops are up. I think it's his little walker seem less like grass greatly as a means it tastes like I said does it have as they taste like a girl walking to the bus stop. Holding your shooters. All go down. It hey I honestly for all we know it actually tastes again unicorn swisher given the benefit of the doubt and think anyone who through their take me like I'm part of the unicorn you don't want to he's. All the men and I'm I'm in actually tastes exactly like it looks aren't you guys you want an elegant. He's. Exactly like Larry faction Madison. You know and when your kid you don't hear back even drink up the paint. Oh well I'm not one member had mirrored out to be a Marxist owners of my dad yeah I'm a tiger has hit a monsoon none of labor I don't fly any use that one of the please let your Tamoxifen this is a I'm gonna record for single I'm like puzzle box is still around in all fairness I want. Say this have you ever have a gay you know and if you remember what is like to take medicine when your kids some medicines tasted better than others this would really be like a good tasting medicine. Asthma medicine is a bitter it's and let. Yes this will be a tasty medicine that's a good indoors actually is out there when I don't jokes aside. It tastes like they drink they give you when you come out now it takes. You get here on a case like a melted. Raspberry cream sickle though all right well what's really in an Alley now and pink powder. Bush is not while I'm Colleen came out Aaron team just like mom estimate in. With and decree fragment chino with mangoes syrup and layered with us our blue drizzle and so our blue drizzle by the way it was my make payments college. And pink founder and live my fans. We called have a funny yes but also flavored change I don't there's a flavor chains are now the flavor to me get a better attention should check that thing out. It feels like April fool's joke they released this flavorful drinking never won a million I mean just doesn't feel right. Hamstring and MS settlements much between MS and a well known terrorists are mixing in the last anger tanks from eight year old girls are furious hook up. Only saw one just inside the end.