War of the Roses 4-21-17

Friday, April 21st

Listen to this week’s brand new War of the Roses and find out if Kathrine's boyfriend, George, is cheating on her...


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And on the. That became doesn't get you say things are not the same in your relationship. Around the beginning of the year you made a mistake what do you call you called it unfortunate sexting. An unfortunate sex the name of hades book. I augur well hopefully your boyfriend George he he busted you sexting you've found some might have a couple pictures and some. Measures we use saying you say he told you as a big fight but then he said I forgive you I just wish it didn't have been there now with. Please don't ever do this again. So why should calling us because. Since then even though he said I forgive you physically since going nowhere and it's like just the past month he said it's nothing's going on now no intimacy no romance nothing it's just like. Why are we doing your C your fears that he might be revenge cheating on. So let's give Herman and. George harmful. War of the roses song. Hello. George. Police Kelly. And I'm calling today with a special guest. Offerings all of our valued customers today's tip is one dozen long stem red roses absolutely free. Columbia asking for credit card number you would see an additional charge on your belt or any thing is sister her most were doing. To show you how much we appreciate your business is is CEMEX and you bikes taken into Jeb today. And now look thank. Okay will limit them interrupting me he declined the offer George high. Before you go and hang up. Let me introduced myself I'm Jason you were just speaking with Katie Gavin here as well. I am where the wake up call I want a 65 the end we're gonna segment we knew we do every week you're called war of the roses we offer you roses to see you sent to you quickly shot the offer down which kind of defeats the purpose of what we're doing here. It's a test though to see if you're cheating now listening in this whole time is the agro put it. Put us up to doing mess Catherine he joins us back on the air Katherine George. I. That's any app and she told us everything and she sensed there was some. Sex sting and if you say you forgave her misses in the past month your relationship is like dad there's nothing on on the. And so she is afraid that maybe your revenge feeding. Revenge cheap now I'm not a no number they're good. It totally. I totally understand I guess I'd wanna know what's going on Doris I can't help but think maybe Eric Darnell and. I honestly I'd bite kind of wished there was cookie kinda the burgers but no there's no one else won just eight. It just. You know suck that ever I look at your and I think those pictures and we'll that I die was some I don't know if you ever eat out. We talked about it a cookie we argue about it but like I can still fuel and store remember it like. Was there part of you hope that there bust somebody else do you think is could be yeah. I know. Would it make you feel better if he'd cheated on year. I mean you know look I'm really I'm not going away I feel less guilty eat. That's what this I guess you're just trying to find a way for you learn to feel bad her. About what you did but that's not alone this war Georgette she gave you a hall pass our you're saying you wouldn't use it. I don't know how we heard me right well we are looking pretty good on super where I'm you know we can make it happen Pollard and that's how callers and I don't mean cherish. Or didn't go I mean I don't know any personal. Relationship friends the dead and did this more success stories. Yeah I mean now I can't until. All I'm sorry eat and I can't pay back what they gave but I want to not continue this relationship and it's winning. And we need to work I mean because you were in it to win it for months ago doubles pictures. Or yards can you may continue to relationships with her. Do you wish you broke up there. I don't wish it broke open there but I think I mean it. I've I want to keep some time I don't know look at which reminds you would just I just the thought think about a hundred and apps like I'd try him. I checked nobody can do something to try to keep it alive with a burnt out if we don't let me. Want you guys take a break yeah. I don't and not pay is saying take six months off. And and George. Sometime in there you don't talk about somebody but date somebody go on a I think that you guys should do that. Honestly that I GAAP for the from a coaching. Because doesn't this might happen he might go on a date and even though he Europe flawed he might find out. That you're way better than some of the crazies that are out there and it might resent him a little bad. I don't want him to do that. Luck out today guys. Tough one. Will I get an email to you and anyone wants a tax advice suggestions to Katherine text in 27339. Tyson batteries may apply. We'll take all of those and send him to UC you can read everyone's advice is personalized just for you okay. Maybe it'll be helpful. Married hang on where all that war of the roses on the way to go.