Who’s A Better Woman

Friday, February 17th

Gavin, Katie, and Intern Katie take a quiz to find out who is a better woman:


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He's the only way to go go. Call. One thing I was yes. I want to find out which one of you three lovely ladies in front of Maine gathered in and Kevin or JD. Thinks that the majority of women and families of yesterday on buzz feed like it is sometimes yeah. And bad news quiz out there grosses game of would you rather for girls and leave a couple of the grocer went out because they involve periods are generally well I'm girl. I'm that's gross well we have to deal event and there on the eight day by it am I will give you would you rather and you guys pick which he'd rather than most CN who has the most so I artists dinner and would you rather yet pretty much but I wanna see who's more of a woman okay Gavin and governor KD a number one would you rather Wear the same broth for a month -- where the same song every day for a week all proud. Brock that is correct noticing not even a question 96%. Why did not quite a long time with allies are bras anyway and I knew I knew that OK now number jailed a city go to this one would you rather use a lipstick that's been dropped on the floor and covered in fluff or use a rusty razor and it's clogged with hair lipstick lipstick. Hiding him I go raise our yeah. Guess Kevin what did you say as little lipstick and the eight tournament journey with women sixty some percent of women are usually tell us. Rushed to eat rays come would you rather always have loads of gray sludge and near nailed and never built a covered up with some polish war would you rather always have chapped lips but no lip bomb we will. What does the grace let's comes from insisted whenever. And chronically have stuck under my nails I think it's make up 'cause they touch my faith could be an eastern during your nails I don't know I guess that's what it would make or chapped lips they can't put bottom lip balm on I'd rather have that they'll see I'd rather have the nail chaplain. I'm soft lips for kids that yes. 55 for the women would rather happy green sludge and dirty NASA yeah. It's an all my employees. Who suffered I don't think it's tablet apart sometimes run. I'm here yell would you rather always be able to feel crumbs here broth they never got to get him out. There are always feel like get to pull a wedgie out panera go to get out. Let's see. I would rather have crumbs because I feel like they're from plenty of times there's been things eyebrow I didn't even know what's led to the prophet he's a crowns him you know they can you rather comes in Iran needs and that remark comptroller and this time you guys deteriorates then that is a clumsy your brawn on that most woman would want Kevin has been consistently out feminine on this now I know plus. Actually now are lagging wrong dead from Iraq and why Enron for the record human right everyone comes first when you kind of talk yeah. Yeah mom and then now me yeah you fired bitch. I had two more here would you rather have. And not greasy here are large gander flakes more would you rather costly greasy hair but no dandruff flakes. Not greasy hair greasy hair yemenite that's that's the majority. The last line you can almost make greasy hair your thing how. House I don't know third girls that I see on the red carpet that look like they have greasy hair slicked it back I just put it in a tight pony. You've got a lot to grow points on now. I'm got a good news out of as threaded the Bob Lang TNT CN would you rather only using mass Garrett has been shared with five other people more would you rather. Only used dirty make impressions that I am in Washington here I don't. I have a dirty brush I'm gonna go mascara asking Aaron. Carlos yeah yeah. And how you gonna. Right shin one of the huge dirty you weren't. And if you can jump divided and as you can also call. Had Null 61% among when asked this question on buzz feed the source of these thanks in 61%. Say dirty make your precious got my god you'd tour not nearly as good of a woman as they I have. I'm glad I rather have us tied and actually all over. Love that I'm not surprised OK I think lies like he's out Gavin your lust and I I said the last one by where I don't even believe what you Marty wine you're the most early and found would you rather not be able to and do a little light after our number one for a week Cain or where the same pair of leggings and no underwear on for a week no underwear. No question for others PM now why. He coal. Pretty sure that I could make that work. So Odeo is not yet. Kevin you go away if you read over the same leggings. Those same leg in thoroughly when no underwear no home and once again Gavin you're a clean on this Saturday night left nightly sleep. On the white big. You wipe them out it's like I mean I I'm a little surprised you're going to be honest and why I thought Kevin was made me. Holidays sick yeah I would Hanley Kevin and I work girls Kim would definitely be the hole leader of the toolbar I would yet on the boy's excuse me and I dropped my aunt and several times yeah. I had the higher you wanted to try it now. I didn't eat this I'm not only this incoming numbers we get now you don't know how they work. I'm not a war don't know how or she can go public reunion out number used car and your numbers you might get a number we don't. All right so I again congratulations. Thank you you're now number one girl with a good look.