The Wake Up Call

with Jason, Gavin and Katie

The Wake Up Call is a morning radio show based in Sacramento, California, and heard weekday mornings on 107.9 the End.  Jason, Gavin, Katie, and Intern Kevin are FUN & FUNNY (even when the subject isn't)!  This show has unbelievable chemistry and will keep you laughing all morning! 

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Compliments Gone Wrong

Tuesday, April 25th
Have you ever given a compliment that someone was offended by? Or received a compliment that offended you? Take a listen as the Wake Up Call reveals some...

Name That Tune 4-25-17

Tuesday, April 25th
The Wake Up Call plays another round of “Name that Tune” with Gavin on the recorder! If the tune is guessed correctly the winner will receive a $100 gift card...

Golf Balls in Hash Browns

Tuesday, April 25th
The greatest recall ever! Hash browns were recently recalled because when the potatoes were harvested, golf balls were also harvested. Take a listen as the...

DIY Challenging Projects

Tuesday, April 25th
Jason found a list of basic "do it yourself" projects that every day people should be able to do, but are not able to. Take a listen and find out the shocking...

#GirlProblems 4-25-17

Tuesday, April 25th
Steffanni returns to the Wake Up Call to share her favorite #GirlProblems that she discovered on Twitter:

Why Intern Kevin is Effeminate

Tuesday, April 25th
Intern Kevin has had enough! He explains to the Wake Up Call why he appears effeminate! Take a listen and find out the truth about Intern Kevin's effeminate...