The Wake Up Call

with Jason, Gavin and Katie

The Wake Up Call is a morning radio show based in Sacramento, California, and heard weekday mornings on 107.9 the End.  Jason, Gavin, Katie, and Intern Kevin are FUN & FUNNY (even when the subject isn't)!  This show has unbelievable chemistry and will keep you laughing all morning! 

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Alex Trebek Raps on Jeopardy

Wednesday, February 22nd
Jeopardy had a “Let’s Rap, Kids” category where Alex Trebek had to rap popular rap lyrics. Listen to the Wake Up Call try and guess what songs the lyrics go to:

On Fleek

Wednesday, February 22nd
The girl who originally coined the phrase “on fleek” has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the gift she has given to the world. Listen to the Wake Up...

Hater App

Wednesday, February 22nd
There is a new dating app that pairs potential couples together by the things they mutually hate! Gavin thinks it’s a great idea, listen to him and the rest of...

Second Date Update 2-22-17

Wednesday, February 22nd
Listen to this week's brand new Second Date Update and find out why Doug can't get another date with Tonya