The Wake Up Call

with Jason, Gavin and Katie

The Wake Up Call is a morning radio show based in Sacramento, California, and heard weekday mornings on 106.5 the End.  Gavin, Katie, Rayne and Intern Kevin wake up every morning to have FUN and be FUNNY, while you start your day.  This show has unbelievable chemistry and will keep you laughing all morning! 

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Turkey Kevin At Raley's

Wednesday, November 22nd
Kevin will be out at Raleys on Howe and Fair Oaks dressed as a turkey to tell listeners how thankful we are for our listeners:

What Ruined Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 22nd
33% of Americans say that they're afraid of politics is going to ruin their Thanksgiving dinner. This gets the Wake Up Call on the topic of What Ruined...

Katie Saves Ben's Wedding

Tuesday, November 21st
Katie wants to bring up that she "saved Gavin's brother's wedding" by taking crying Theo from Gavin's step-dad so he could go back to watching the wedding from...

Haven't Done It In A Long Time

Tuesday, November 21st
Oprah revealed in an interview that she went to the bank for the first time since 1988 to deposit millions of dollars. This started the conversation of what...