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Usher will be re-releasing his Raymond Vs. Raymond CD on August 24 as a deluxe version, which will include an additional disc entitled Versus, featuring 8 new tracks (similar to what Lady Gaga did with her Fame Monster CD).  The first single from Versus will be called "DJ Got Me Fallin' In Love," and I'll put it up on the Hot New Music page next Monday the 12th. We now know that La Roux's next single will be "I'm Not Your Toy."  Their breakout hit "Bulletproof" currently sits at #6 on the airplay charts, and it'll be very close whether they can crack the top 5 before beginning their chart descent. The streak is over for Lady Gaga.  After hitting #1 with each of her first 6 singles (an all-time record), "Alejandro" has now climbed as far as it will go, peaking at #4, and is currently on its way down the charts.  Gaga was not quite able to make #1 with 7 consecutive hits.  Gaga is currently at work on her follow-up CD which is due out in the fall, at which point she will most likely begin a whole new streak of big hits. Congratulations to Eminem, whose Recovery CD has sold over 1 million copies in just its first 2 weeks of release.  Not very albums sell that quickly these days, so way to go Slim Shady. Welcome back Maroon 5, who hit the Top 40 for the 8th time in their career this week with their latest song, "Misery."  Look for their new CD, Hands All Over, in September.


07/08/2010 6:33PM
music news
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