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my review of Travie McCoy's show at Harlow's last night

Travie McCoy performed a free all-ages show last night at Harlows. The crowd, mainly teens and early 20s, filled up the venue a couple hundred bodies strong. On stage with Matt, his drummer from Gym Class Heroes, and a DJ spinning the tracks, Travie took the stage all dressed up in a 3-piece suit and tie! Guess you gotta look the part if you want to be a billionaire! The concert was also streamed live online via myspace, as it was actually of the social networking site's Secret Shows, the location having just been announced the previous Friday. Travie performed all new material from his Lazarus CD which comes out on June 8. I've gotten to hear five tracks from the album so far, and judging from the sound of the rest of the tunes from last night, Travie's ready to drop a very fun soundtrack-to-summer type CD on us. He was his usual freaky self on stage, full of funny facial expressions, and a fairly continuous invitation for the ladies in the crowd to hang with him after the show (I am assuming he was speaking to those over 18 in the crowd!). Travie is very comfortable on stage, and always does his best to get the audience involved whether its "waving your hands in the air" or leading the crowd in a "Free Weezy" chant at the end of the night. He flung paper money in the air as he launched into Billionaire, and the party crowd sang along vociferously (I've always wanted to use that word in a blog, haha)! A couple other tracks to look out for when his CD drops are Superbad and We'll Be Alright. All in all, you couldn't beat the scene for a Monday night in Sac!


05/25/2010 12:51PM
my review of Travie McCoy's show at Harlow's last night
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