The Wake Up Call

with Jason, Gavin and Katie

The Wake Up Call is a morning radio show based in Sacramento, California, and heard weekday mornings on 106.5 the End.  Gavin, Katie, Rayne and Intern Kevin wake up every morning to have FUN and be FUNNY, while you start your day.  This show has unbelievable chemistry and will keep you laughing all morning! 

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OCD Xmas

Monday, November 20th
The Wake Up Call judge Katie's Christmas decorations in the studio.

Missed Connection

Monday, November 20th
The Wake Up Call read some more "Missed Connections" they found on Craiglist:

truth or Pair

Monday, November 20th
The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" to give away tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

Who Cheats When

Monday, November 20th
Rayne found an article that proves that women cheat in their marriages before men do.

When To Call 911

Friday, November 17th
Rayne found an article that tells you when you should wait for an ambulance and when you should drive yourself to the hospital.