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Gavin's Shirtless Pic

A listener made this from one of Gavin's Instagram photos and he's pissed because he SWEARS he posted it because it was a cute picture of him and his son and NOT because he wanted compliments.

Do you believe him or not???

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about Gavin's shirtless pic...


06/28/2013 7:28AM
Gavin Likes His Arms
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06/28/2013 7:41AM
Helloooo arms :)
06/28/2013 7:41AM
U know
U know what Gavin was thinking because he knows that woman are attractive to people with kids
06/28/2013 7:42AM
And his waist looks good too!
06/28/2013 7:44AM
Someone is obviously jealous of Gavin's big sexy arms ! It's just a pic with his kid :) sooooo what
06/28/2013 7:44AM
arms look hreat
Just enjoy that they look so good people are talking about them. :-)
06/28/2013 7:44AM
great guns
Awesome shot of Connor and you
06/28/2013 7:44AM
Cute Pic
I think this is a cute pic of father and son....love It!!!
06/28/2013 7:44AM
Baby looks happy :) that's what matters. Just a plus his arms look good too!
06/28/2013 7:45AM
That is a GREAT pic of the two of you!! Super cute!!! :) F*&% the haters!! Lol
06/28/2013 7:47AM
Great dad pic
Great dad pic, what was he gonna do, cut his arms out the pic?
06/28/2013 7:48AM
Adorable father son picture ... Give Gavin a break...:)
06/28/2013 7:48AM
Where's the Kid?
Dude, so self serving
06/28/2013 7:50AM
Oh yeah! He definitely upload this because of the arms...
06/28/2013 7:50AM
While the arms look good, I am sorry but that is a very cute kid pic, the smile/laugh you could almost hear the pic is so lively
06/28/2013 7:50AM
Not even close
He totaly posted that because him and his son are having a good time. Its not like he is posing in the pic its a action shot.
06/28/2013 7:51AM
1st thing
The 1st thing I noticed are the arms, which look good by the way, but Connor looks like a prop instead of the focal point.
06/28/2013 7:52AM
I hate to say it Gavin, but you do look like your flexing for the camera!!
06/28/2013 7:53AM
So I didn't even notice his son at first because I was just staring at his arms, oh my gaga!! He looks good. But his son is adorable and I think Gavin is right in the fact that posting this because his arms look good is a girly thing to do and thatjust doesn't seem like something he would do.
06/28/2013 7:54AM
For sure
Definitely an arm pic, but I'd be proud to show those guns too! I found the kid lol...
06/28/2013 7:59AM
Who cares!!
They both look good and are having fun. There are worse things one could be teased about ;)
06/28/2013 8:00AM
So cute!!!
Very cute picture!! :) him and his son having a great time!! Love you guys listen every day on my way to work!!!
06/28/2013 8:17AM
I'm just shocked that Gavin looks half way decent....he definately doesnt look the way he sounds! But the baby id definately the star! Arms arent bad either though!
06/28/2013 8:41AM
Outa pocket he don't even look all that good quit getting at his average arms
06/28/2013 9:37AM
Poser - GaVANITY
Definitely posing and flexing for camera...Sorry Gavin, I'm sure you could have posted other photos of that day. But you chose the Arms photo...lol
06/28/2013 2:28PM
Gavin is NOT posing ... and here's why ...
I'm on your side Gavin - you're NOT posing and here's why I can tell. You're smiling at Connor and not "for" the camera. All of your attention seems to be paid to your son. If you were "posing" then you'd be smiling for the camera.
06/28/2013 9:21PM
Happy kid is what matters
Being a parent myself, I know for a fact that Gavin just wanted to take a cute pic of his kid. If he truly just wanted to show off his arms, he would've just posed in front of the mirror.
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