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Last U.S. Coal-Fired Steamship Sails On, Aiming for a Cleaner Wake

Lake Michigan's S.S. Badger has drawn criticism for its coal pollution, but the venerable ship is aiming to clean up its act....

6 pro-wilderness cartoons from the 1960s

For decades, The Wilderness Society's magazine The Living Wilderness gave members and subscribers an inside look at efforts to conserve some of our country's most special wildlands, as well as travelogues, prose, photos, poems and art about the places themselves.


Proposed budget bill is a mixed bag for conservation

The fiscal year 2015 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill would provide modest funding increases for some important programs when compared to past proposals, but still undercuts curre


Bakken Oil Boom Brings Growing Pains to Small Montana Town

The oil boom has brought new earning prospects to the families who come to Montana, but there's a flip side in the form of housing shortages and crime....

House Appropriations Bill a Mixed Bag for Conservation Programs
Michael Reinemer

The draft House Interior and Environment Appropriations bill released today is a clear improvement from previous years, though it still misses the mark on several key conservation, climate and public lands needs and is laden with numerous policy provisions or “riders” that have no pl


Interior: $43 million will go to outdoors projects

Jewell hailed the projects as a key to ensuring access to outdoor recreation: “These local projects &nda


Poll: 86% of Montanans say conservation issues important

The poll, commissioned by the University of Montana’s Crown of the Continent and Greater Yellowstone Initiative, found majority opposition to


Why Canada Needs to Unlock the Unknowns of Its Icy Methane Reserves

It is often called “fire ice”:  Around the world, cage-like lattices of water molecules trap untold stores of methane gas.  Petroleum engineers have been familiar with these frozen compounds—properly known as methane hydrates—for years, because they block the flow of oil in pipelines. The effects of methane hydrates were highlighted in 2010, when British Petroleum’s attempts to halt the flow of oil after the Macondo well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico were complicated by the formation of methane hydrates that kept clogging pipes and valves....

9 surprising reasons for kids to get outside this summer

For many kids, summer means time out of the classroom and into the sunshine. But between camps, vacations and video games, they may not be getting all the fresh air they could use.


12 parks and monuments filled with dinosaurs

The benefits of wilderness and other public lands for modern-day flora and fauna are well-known, but conservation of wild places helps preserve traces of bygone life too,


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