Signs He's Getting Serious

The Wake Up Call asked people “when did you know your man was getting serious” in their relationships, listen to what everyone had to say: Signs He's Getting Serious...
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Airports Are Good For Finding Love?

So, you may think I'm a little crazy when I say this but hear me out. This of course, coming from a single guy. Isn't the best advice on love always from the single person in the room? ANYWAY! I'm going to New York tonight after my show for a few days and I was talking to my friend on the phone...
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App-less April

Well, I guess I'm a little on this but whatever- its still good to chat about and see what you guys think. App-less April is basically just that, but in particular the DATING APPS. The goal is to go without our precious dating apps for 30 days. Could you do it? There seems to be more and more "...
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