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Hey there!

I know, I know. You saw this page and were like “whaaaa? A survey?? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” But hear us out for a quick sec. This isn’t just any survey. This survey is coming from 106.5 The End! Yeah. So you know it’s legit and we mean business. If you took this survey last year, YAAASS! Thank you, you’re the best! We took all that info to the corporate guys in the suits and said “Hey! This is what our listeners want so DO IT!” And you know what? They did it. Because that’s how we roll.

Anyway, we are just looking for your opinion on a few things. Nothing serious. We aren’t getting rid of The Wake Up Call (or Intern Kevin). We aren’t changing all the hits you hear every day. No No. We just want to make sure 106.5 The End is still able to give you everything you want, when you want it. Hit Music, pop culture, concerts, celebrity gossip, Sacramento events. You know, all the things you’re in to. Even how you access 106.5 The End on the radio, through Facebook, your smartphone, social media, stuff like that. We won’t tell anyone your answers and we won’t share your personal info with anyone either. This is just to help us make sure we got everything covered when you listen to 106.5 The End.

See that link below? Just click that to get this party started. Now, we know it’s not the ‘World’s Shortest Survey’, but all the questions are super-important to us and your answers can shape what you hear on 106.5 The End. Like *literally*. Remember those guys in suits? Exactly.

Thanks again and if you ever want to chime in about the music we play (or should be playing), contests we should do or if Gavin is getting sassy on the Wake Up Call again, you’re always welcome to email me directly.


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